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Lying on Sunday

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For Abbie Torrington, betrayal and truth are about to collide.

Caught between daughters, Bailey and Becca, who want to keep her forever their father's widow, and a best friend who encourages her to toss out the memory–and everything else–of the husband who died in another woman's bed, Lying on Sunday is the story of one woman's journey back, on a road pitted with one unlikely pothole after another.

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I just finished Lying on Sunday for the second time. I loved it! In a word, spectacular!


I'm not finished reading Lying on Sunday yet and that's because I'm savoring every line ... I love your gift of humor.


I just finished Lying on Sunday, devoured it in two days - despite the fact that I'm in the final week of my masters degree and probably should have been at my computer instead!


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