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Annie Walker

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Life is good for Charlie Walker, with a lot fewer worries since his daddy came home from the war in Korea. His biggest challenge now is to finish his chores so he can go to the creek to swim . . . or that used to be his biggest challenge. Now it’s to get used to his new baby sister, Annie. To his surprise, he and younger brother Johnny kind of like her. 

Annie adds a new vitality to the family and an endless source of entertainment. Charlie and Johnny teach her to count, say her ABCs and how to play in the snow. They’re proud of their baby sister—even though Reverend Perkins says pride is a sin. 

For Charlie’s best friend Marvin Huckley, whose daddy didn’t come home from Korea, the age of innocence is slipping away.


When Charlie is thrust into a situation where he must defend Marvin, he makes a choice that forever alters his world. Annie Walker is a story of love, loss and the hard lesson of self-forgiveness.

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