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What We Don't Know

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Selective Mutism

That's the diagnosis for 11-year-old Bronte McCabe, who hasn't spoken a word in seven years. And who could blame her, after witnessing her parents' deadly plunge into the Truckee River near hauntingly beautiful Lake Tahoe?

Isabella Nichols, Bronte's guardian and self-proclaimed defender, will do anything to protect her niece. When Bronte's uncle suddenly shows up and threatens a custody battle, sparks fly. Especially considering the history between him and Isabella.

Isabella's mother wants to help. Even though she may be right--about a lot of things--Belle doesn't want her help. Especially considering their history.

Those aren't the only sparks flying, thanks to Ty Cole, who'd like to be more than Isabella's friend. Way more. Why does she keep pushing him away? Why does she push everyone away?

What does Bronte really remember about that night? And does Isabella Nichols really want to know?

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A satisfying, unforgettable story written by a crafter  of, and lover of, words

 Latayne C. Scott,

Author of

 A Conspiracy of Breath

You know an author has hooked you when you find yourself thinking about her characters in the middle of your day as if they were old friends.

Jennifer Valent,

Author of

Catching Moondrops

Sharon K. Souza writes stories about devastating loss and astonishing hope with the steady voice of one who knows the territory of both.

Katy Popa,

Author of

The Feast of Saint Bertie

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