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Aria Winters wants off the nut farm.

Literally. She wants to get as far away as she can from the Shunk-Winters family-run nut-farming business, so she takes her Bible school degree and heads to Moldova to teach English at a missionary school. Aria falls in love with all the children, but especially shy and beautiful Anya.

When the unthinkable happens, Aria begins to question what were once the absolutes in her life. She returns to the family compound, where she tries to hide from life, and most especially from God. But just as the Moldovan sunflowers can't help follow the face of the sun, so Aria must face the true Son. Can she live with what His light exposes?

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An intelligent, engaging story ... thought-provoking and full of endearing characters


I did not like Unraveled, I LOVED it!

Liz S. 

This is a book that ripped my guts out and I couldn't put down all at the same time. This is Christian fiction at its most powerful


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