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A Heavenly Christmas in Hometown

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 Eustace and Spencer are not your ordinary investigators.

They have been given a difficult assignment a long way from home just weeks before the holidays. Hometown's annual Christmas pageant is put on hold when the cantankerous Andrew Parsons insists on enforcing the new ordinance enacting separation of church and state. Not only that, he's fighting to retain the property his late wife left her nephew. It seems Andrew has his own plans for that property, and it doesn't include a new church.

Will Eustace and Spencer save the pageant, the property and make it A Heavenly Christmas in Hometown?

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What's better than being touched by an angel? How about a divine duo of double agents? I LOVED this delightful holiday tale woven around an important angelic assignment. One that touches not just a family but an entire community. Cleverly written using humor to reveal the flawed human condition and the lengths to which God will go to redeem it, it's a creative yet classic reminder of what on earth can happen when heaven comes down. And isn't that what Christmas is all about?"

 Judi Braddy,

author of True North

A Heavenly Christmas in Hometown is a delightful little book - just the thing to put you in a Yuletide frame of mind. Souza's writing is joyously playful, full of surprises, and the story is pure fun, about a little town facing the bleak prospect of a watered-down Christmas, and two very special investigators who've been dispatched to turn things around. The book is beautifully presented, with festive cover art, printed on fine paper . . . I'm wrapping one up with a jar of hot chocolate mix and a candy cane or two, to give to someone I love. And I'm keeping one for myself, to read year after year.

Kathleen Popa,

author of To Dance in the Desert

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